How To Put Together A Transitional Outfit For Fall!

You may be thinking, what is a transitional outfit and why do I need one, but transitional outfits are a fun way to wear your fall clothing without dying in the still summer heat! Some of my favorite ways to wear fall trends during August and September are finding versatile pieces and dressing them down. For example a plaid skirt with a sweater is a fall classic, but switch it up with a bright tee or crop top and you have a great summer look! Another way to really bring in Fall into your wardrobe is with your color pallet. You know that brown mini dress you always wear with your favorite coat? Put on a pair of white sandals and sunglasses and you have a great transitional look. Or wear that orange crop top you usually save for October out now and add a yellow bag. If you really want to wear your favorite sweater out try wearing it around your shoulders, it’s super cute but definitely not as warm! August and September are the beginning of the best time of year, so don’t be afraid to start wearing your orange and black and drinking something pumpkin spice.

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