My Favorite Wedding Ideas that went over really well with our guests!

My Favorite Wedding Ideas that went over really well with our guests!

First of all we are really lucky and had so many supportive people come and celebrate with us! These are the things that we did that turned out amazing, these things were very us so the first tip is just so things that you guys love!

I am a five year old at heart, so instead of spending money on like gifts for our guests we had a candy bar! My mom was hesitant at first when I told her but you know what, everyone loved it! Almost all the candy we bought got eaten during the reception or got taken home in the little containers we provided. That way if they want to take something they can, but if not it’s not wasted money on our part. I was actually sad there wasn’t that much left over!

Another huge recommendation is a photo booth! We only had ours for a few hours but everyone loved it and those drunk photos were amazing memories that I will cherish forever. Also, make sure you hire one and make sure they send you the all the digital copies! Making your own is a good way to save a few bucks but having someone run it helped things move along quickly and helped as people got progressively more inebriated throughout the night! Plus knowing you’ll get all those pictures at a later date is just one thing less to worry about.

Last big thing I would recommend is having signature drinks! If you are having a bar (open or not) having signature drinks helps those indecisive guests grab something quick and shares something you love with your loved ones. It can actually be a great way to connect with people! We found out a few people loved my husbands signature drink, and I convinced a few people to try an espresso martini!

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

A Court of Thornes and Roses – part 1 of 5 books
The Elfstones of Shannara – Part 1 of 2 books
The Ex Hex
The Song of Achilles

Historical Fiction
The Book Thief
The Fall of Giants – Part 1 of 3 books
The Tattooist of Auschwitz
All the Light We Cannot See
Lilac Girls

The Mortal Instruments – Part 1 of 6 books
Uglies – Part 1 of 3 books
Crank – Part 1 of 2 Books
Impostors – Part 1 of 4 books

Animal Farm
The Handmaids Tale – Part 1 of 2 books
The Diary of Anne Frank
Of Mice and Men
Pride and Prejudice

Christmas Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Christmas Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

The Holiday – Netflix
White Christmas – Netflix
Klaus – Netflix
The Christmas Prince – Netflix
The Christmas Chronicles – Netflix

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Rent on Amazon Prime
Love Actually – Rent on Amazon Prime
It’s a Wonderful Life – Amazon Prime

Home Alone – DisneyPlus
The Santa Claus – DisneyPlus

Elf – HBO or Starz
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – HBO
The Polar Express – HBO
A Christmas Story – HBO

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Apple TV

The Best Photo Spots in Disneyland

The Best Photo Spots in Disneyland

Everyone loves a good castle shot but these are some of my favorite, less popular photos spots in the park.

Go off the the right of the castle when you get in and find Snow White and the 7 dwarves, in front of them is a wishing well. There are usually not many people here so it’s a great place to get a not so crowded spot.

In California Adventure head all the way to the back by the swings and you’ll come to a wooden gate that says Pixar Pier. Be careful because characters do come out of the gate but it’s usually pretty empty and an easy please to grab a good shot!

The Plaza Inn restaurant also has a great photo spot if you get there early! I love the pops of pink with the umbrellas.

If you really want to up your castle picture game I recommend walking over to the statue of Walt and Mickey and standing on the ledge. This helps you get a picture of the castle and statue and cut out a lot of the people.

This one can be hard if it gets too busy but a shot in front of the Crystal Arcade is also a great place to grab a picture. If you angel the picture upwards and are ready to stand snap a picture as soon as the brown clears you can get a pretty awesome picture! I love this one because you still know it’s Disney but it’s not a super typical picture you see.

Of course you do nothing have to try these spots out in one day but they are fun if you are looking for a good picture to sum up your day. If all else fails of course the tea cups are an easy and classic photo op. Goodluck and have fun!

Little Things that make a Huge Impact on our Planet

Little Things that make a Huge Impact on our Planet

In a world filled with over consumption, is it important to realize how this affects us and where we live! Over consumption doesn’t just mean over eating or using too much gas. Over consumption in the fashion industry is also a huge issue. Everyone wants the newest and coolest thing and in a world of fast fashion and fast food, it’s very possible. Here are a few ways to help you, help the planet: 

COVID really slowed some of the progress being made on the reusable bag and cup front. But if you do need to bring water with you while running errands, use a reusable cup or bottle! It’s just as convenient but you won’t have to worry about having water bottles stack up in your car if you forget to take them in.

Wearing what you already have in your closet! I know it sounds silly but dig in the part of your closet you rarely go to and see if there are any hidden gems! Something doesn’t fit? DONATE. That way you make more room for something new or something new to you! There are stores everywhere that you can sell your old clothing to the store and get something new in exchange! 

Go meatless once a week! I promise it sounds harder then it actually is. Have some cheese ravioli for dinner or a tuna sandwich or sushi for dinner! Not a fan of fish? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic but delicious lunch alternative! It’s also a really fun way to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, cause why not!? One day a week without meat won’t kill anyone, plus it’s a fun way to make some new recipes.

Overall I think it’s better to just reflect on something before buying or consuming it. Will it bring me lasting happiness or use? No, then probably not a great buy. Instant gratification is great, but it’s not an essential part of life.