Pieces you can mix and match to get the most of your wardrobe!

Pieces you can mix and match to get the most of your wardrobe!

I love a great oversized blazer, whether it’s colorful, patterned or simplistic, pair this with any of the following of a cute but put together look!

  • Mini dress
  • Shorts and a Tee
  • Jeans and a crop top
  • Long skirt and tank top
  • Matching or non matching trousers

Another fun and easy piece is a slip dress or a simple and classic baby doll. This minimal piece is great for when the weather gets warmer and you can pair it with:

  • Sandals and a great pair of earrings
  • Long coat and some high boots
  • Over sized flannel and combat boots
  • Sneakers and a Jean jacket

That old tee that you got from vacation 10 years ago that you never wear. I feel like I have  a thousand of these old shirts in my closet, but these aren’t just for sleeping! You can dress them up or down and wear them outside of your house! Try them with:

  • High waisted trousers and sandals or wedges
  • With a dressy skirt and sneakers
  • Black jeans and boots
  • Over bikers shorts with sneakers and a collared shirt

Sometimes when you think you have nothing to wear you just need to take another peak into your closet!

What’s a Capsule Wardrobe and Why you Should Have One

What’s a Capsule Wardrobe and Why you Should Have One

A capsule wardrobe was a term first coined in the 1940s. It is a wardrobe that contains a few small pieces all of the same color scheme that can easily be mixed and matched to effortlessly create multiple outfits. I love using a capsule wardrobe for all of my basics and then adding pops of color and trends throughout. A capsule wardrobe contains things of good quality and fit that can last years. A few things for a capsule wardrobe could be: 

  • Trousers
  • Black Dress
  • White T-shirt
  • Straight legged Jeans
  • Black Turtle Neck

These are basic items that you can and will wear over and over. These may not necessarily be trendy or particularly your style, but once incorporated anyone can wear these! A capsule wardrobe may also include items that are more similar to your particular fashion taste and style! Some of these items might include like:

  • Snake skin boots
  • Cowboy boots
  • Corduroy pants or a skirt
  • High Top Tennis Shoes
  • A bedazzled bag

Again these items might be thought of as more trendy but also still very versatile when paired with different outfits! My biggest tip when starting to create a capsule wardrobe is to try and stick with a color scheme. It doesn’t mean that everything has to be black, white, grey, but if colors are your thing try and stick with all neons or pastels, or maybe more earthy tones are more your style. Just be aware when buying items for your wardrobe buy items you love to wear and are comfortable. Starting to invest in a capsule wardrobe will not only save you time and money, but will also help cut down on waste. Everyone should start one, just one piece at a time.

Little Things that make a Huge Impact on our Planet

Little Things that make a Huge Impact on our Planet

In a world filled with over consumption, is it important to realize how this affects us and where we live! Over consumption doesn’t just mean over eating or using too much gas. Over consumption in the fashion industry is also a huge issue. Everyone wants the newest and coolest thing and in a world of fast fashion and fast food, it’s very possible. Here are a few ways to help you, help the planet: 

COVID really slowed some of the progress being made on the reusable bag and cup front. But if you do need to bring water with you while running errands, use a reusable cup or bottle! It’s just as convenient but you won’t have to worry about having water bottles stack up in your car if you forget to take them in.

Wearing what you already have in your closet! I know it sounds silly but dig in the part of your closet you rarely go to and see if there are any hidden gems! Something doesn’t fit? DONATE. That way you make more room for something new or something new to you! There are stores everywhere that you can sell your old clothing to the store and get something new in exchange! 

Go meatless once a week! I promise it sounds harder then it actually is. Have some cheese ravioli for dinner or a tuna sandwich or sushi for dinner! Not a fan of fish? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic but delicious lunch alternative! It’s also a really fun way to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, cause why not!? One day a week without meat won’t kill anyone, plus it’s a fun way to make some new recipes.

Overall I think it’s better to just reflect on something before buying or consuming it. Will it bring me lasting happiness or use? No, then probably not a great buy. Instant gratification is great, but it’s not an essential part of life.

Trendy Items for Spring that you can wear all Year round

Trendy Items for Spring that you can wear all Year round

Cardigans are making a comeback in a huge way! Spring is all about colors so pick one up in a green or blue and wear it all through summer and fall too!

Yellow lens sunglasses are also a huge hit for spring. Yellow tint sunglasses are always a great option to have when its cloudy outside. 

Trousers are also making a comeback in a big way! Opt for brown, white, or even green for a classic piece that is 100% on trend.