My Favorite Sustainable Shoes

My Favorite Sustainable Shoes

Who doesn’t love a pair of cute, comfortable, and sustainable shoes!? That’s what you get with VIVAIA! They use recycled materials and 3D technology to create the cutest shoes. Not only do they use recyclable materials, but they ship directly to the consumer – that meaning that there’s no middle man to jack up the price, but still providing amazing quality. Look below for my favorite pairs!

Black Oxfords

Brown Mid Calf Boots

Square Toe Heels

Christmas Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Christmas Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

The Holiday – Netflix
White Christmas – Netflix
Klaus – Netflix
The Christmas Prince – Netflix
The Christmas Chronicles – Netflix

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Rent on Amazon Prime
Love Actually – Rent on Amazon Prime
It’s a Wonderful Life – Amazon Prime

Home Alone – DisneyPlus
The Santa Claus – DisneyPlus

Elf – HBO or Starz
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – HBO
The Polar Express – HBO
A Christmas Story – HBO

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Apple TV

Perfect Ways To Subtly Add In Some Halloween Vibes To Your Wardrobe

Perfect Ways To Subtly Add In Some Halloween Vibes To Your Wardrobe

A simple but cute and comfy sweatshirt! These you can find everywhere from target to Etsy. You may think a seasonal sweatshirt isn’t worth the money, but a simple one like this can be worn even when it’s not necessary close to Halloween.

For those of you who want to keep their fall aesthetic more low key these cute pumpkin studs are perfect for any outfit!

This bag also doesn’t scream Halloween, but it’s black and witchy! It’s so cute I might just get one for myself.

The Best Photo Spots in Disneyland

The Best Photo Spots in Disneyland

Everyone loves a good castle shot but these are some of my favorite, less popular photos spots in the park.

Go off the the right of the castle when you get in and find Snow White and the 7 dwarves, in front of them is a wishing well. There are usually not many people here so it’s a great place to get a not so crowded spot.

In California Adventure head all the way to the back by the swings and you’ll come to a wooden gate that says Pixar Pier. Be careful because characters do come out of the gate but it’s usually pretty empty and an easy please to grab a good shot!

The Plaza Inn restaurant also has a great photo spot if you get there early! I love the pops of pink with the umbrellas.

If you really want to up your castle picture game I recommend walking over to the statue of Walt and Mickey and standing on the ledge. This helps you get a picture of the castle and statue and cut out a lot of the people.

This one can be hard if it gets too busy but a shot in front of the Crystal Arcade is also a great place to grab a picture. If you angel the picture upwards and are ready to stand snap a picture as soon as the brown clears you can get a pretty awesome picture! I love this one because you still know it’s Disney but it’s not a super typical picture you see.

Of course you do nothing have to try these spots out in one day but they are fun if you are looking for a good picture to sum up your day. If all else fails of course the tea cups are an easy and classic photo op. Goodluck and have fun!

How to Add Some of That Fall Spirit into Your Wardrobe

How to Add Some of That Fall Spirit into Your Wardrobe

Fall is finally here and I am so excited! Fall has always been my favorite time of year so this year I am going all out! Of course I bought a pumpkin mug or two but I am also starting to incorporate some fall pieces. Check out some of my favorites below!

An orange top is one of my new favorite pieces this year! It’s a fall color but can be worn all year long, especially in the right silhouette.

A brown dress might sound a little strange but brown is such a versatile color. It can be worn in fall or spring. Also a brown dress can double as an easy costume paired with the right set on animal ears.

A black top with some puffy or flowy sleeves. You can also opt for a dress but I love putting this one on and feel like a bad a** witch.

What’s your favorite thing to wear for fall?