How To Avoid Overpacking When Going on Vacation

How To Avoid Overpacking When Going on Vacation

With travel opening back up again in the world, a lot of people are taking advantage of it, including me! This summer we are going on a 3 week trip to New York, Philadelphia, and Missouri. With 3 cities and 3 very different weather climates it can be hard not to overpack, but here are a few of my biggest tips to avoid overpacking.

Staying in the same color palette the whole time. The idea is so have almost all of your shirts go with all of your bottoms and vice versa. This helps open up your wardrobe and you can create anything from a very casual to a very dressy outfit from the same pieces.

Shoes and accessories, are things that can weight a lot and take up a ton of room in your suitcase! I try to limit my jewelry to a few items that will go with everything and that I can wear the entire trip. For shoes, I really try to limit myself to two pairs but if I’m going someplace with a lot of walking, and a beach I might bring 3. My go-to shoes are nikes for walking and then a pair of Tevas for hotter days by the water. I may bring another pair of dressier shoes or flip flops if the trip calls for it.

Layers are your friend! Don’t forget to make sure you wear a jacket on the plane even if you don’t think you’ll need one. This helps add some space to your suitcase as well as ensuring a comfortable flight! I usually don’t need a jacket on a plane but always use it as a pillow. Also make sure your jacket has pockets and can be used with most of the wardrobe that you packed. Packing can seem daunting but once you get a system nailed down it makes everything seem a little bit easier.

How I Stayed Safe While Traveling

How I Stayed Safe While Traveling

This past week I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a week in Missouri with my husband and his family. With everything going on, these are the precautions and steps I took to be sure I was safe during my travels.

1. Face mask. It sounds like kind of a duh, but face masks aren’t required in most Missouri establishments. Not only did I wear my mask in the airport and on the planes, but also when I went grocery shopping and out and about with the family.
2. Planning things outdoors and at home. Bruce’s family has a lake house right on the edge of Table Rock lake, so we spent lots of time there social distancing on the water as well as taking walks and canoeing down the buffalo river. We also played pool and ping pong at the house when it was raining. Doing things outdoors and away from a lot of people makes things fun and safe.
3. Hand sanitizer. It might sound like another duh thing to do, but you’d be surprised how easily you can forget things on vacation. After every stop and after touching things I would not touch my face and hand sanitize as soon as we were back in the car. Just these simple steps can help keep you safe!
4. Wiping off common surfaces on the plane and off. First thing I did, and always do when on a plane is wipe off the tray table, headrest, arm rests, seatbelts, and any other surface I might be tempted to touch. Also wiping down any lakeside chairs or handles that other people might have touched.
5. Keeping up a good vitamin and sleep schedule. I usually start taking emergency a week or so before traveling and a week or so after to get my immune system prepared for a trip. I also try and sleep as much as possible to give my body time to fight off anything I might have caught or some into contact with.

What you need to know about the New Star Wars Land at Disneyland

What you need to know about the New Star Wars Land at Disneyland

Galaxy’s Edge is the Disneyland’s newest addition to its oldest park, and I must say it looks incredible. If you know anything about Disneyland, you know the lines and crowds for this park will be horrible for at least the next year but hopefully with these facts you’ll be able to navigate in and out without much of a problem.


So a little background info about the new land is set on the planet Batuu and you are a visitor traveling on vacation. This land is not an ordinary land, but a completely immersive experience. From the writing on the soda cups to the cast costumes and interactions. You are not in Disneyland but on a whole different world.


There are a few separate restaurants and food stalls scattered throughout where you can grab a bite, but the most talked about is the Cantina. In the Catina they offer different dishes and is the only place in Disneyland where they serve alcohol. If you know you want to check out the Cantina go wait in line as soon as you get there and be prepared for a wait. If you’re starving and can’t stand to wait in line for an hour, try a Ronto wrap with sausage, greens, and a sweet and spicy sauce all wrapped in flat bread. It was the tastiest thing I’ve ever had at Disneyland! There is also an assortment of mixed teas and juices that are out of this world.


There will be two rides in Galaxy’s Edge, but right now only one is up and running. The Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run is an interactive ride where you have to help Chewy smuggle out batteries for your boss. There are 3 positions, the pilots, engineers, and gunners, make sure you watch the control panel and press the buttons as they light up to control the ship! Also make sure to look around as you get on and off the ride, it really looks like you are inside the Millennium Falcon, I couldn’t help but reach out and touch the walls.


All of the shops in Galaxy’s edge are set up like a marketplace. They have some clustered all together where you can buy your very own Ewok or Jedi Robe. If you look you can also find a metal recycling stand that you might or might not be able to build your own lightsaber as well, but you didn’t hear it from me. Everything Star Wars can be found in the Shops on Batuu, from droids to princess Leia’s royal white robe. This is the perfect place to pick up anything and everything Star Wars themed.

Overall Galaxy’s Edge is something that is not easily described but the experience is out of this world. No pun intended. I couldn’t believe where I was. It was like walking through the movies. If you don’t want to or don’t have enough time to fully experience Star Wars Land, I recommend just walking through the front gates and looking at the detail and characteristics that makes the Star Wars movies so iconic. You will truly feel like you are on Galaxy’s Edge.