How To Avoid Overpacking When Going on Vacation

How To Avoid Overpacking When Going on Vacation

With travel opening back up again in the world, a lot of people are taking advantage of it, including me! This summer we are going on a 3 week trip to New York, Philadelphia, and Missouri. With 3 cities and 3 very different weather climates it can be hard not to overpack, but here are a few of my biggest tips to avoid overpacking.

Staying in the same color palette the whole time. The idea is so have almost all of your shirts go with all of your bottoms and vice versa. This helps open up your wardrobe and you can create anything from a very casual to a very dressy outfit from the same pieces.

Shoes and accessories, are things that can weight a lot and take up a ton of room in your suitcase! I try to limit my jewelry to a few items that will go with everything and that I can wear the entire trip. For shoes, I really try to limit myself to two pairs but if I’m going someplace with a lot of walking, and a beach I might bring 3. My go-to shoes are nikes for walking and then a pair of Tevas for hotter days by the water. I may bring another pair of dressier shoes or flip flops if the trip calls for it.

Layers are your friend! Don’t forget to make sure you wear a jacket on the plane even if you don’t think you’ll need one. This helps add some space to your suitcase as well as ensuring a comfortable flight! I usually don’t need a jacket on a plane but always use it as a pillow. Also make sure your jacket has pockets and can be used with most of the wardrobe that you packed. Packing can seem daunting but once you get a system nailed down it makes everything seem a little bit easier.

Swim for the Summer

Swim for the Summer

This year summer might be looking a little different, but that still doesn’t mean hanging out poolside, or lakeside, or beachside isn’t an option. Even if a body of water is not readily available to you, tanning is also another pastime I have not given up during quarantine, just don’t forget the sunscreen! Here’s a list of swimsuits that will look great on all body types whether you like to cover up or let it all out.

This swimsuit is a beautiful color with a lot of little details that really make it stand out from the crowd. My favorite park is the coverage in the chest area as well as how it goes a little further down your torso. This cute suit is a greta way to wear a two piece without showing everything. 

This one piece is a splurge, but the patterns, the cut, the color all make for a great investment suit for someone looking for a cute one piece. This shows a little leg without being overly sexy, but this is definitely not your mothers one piece. 

If high waisted is your thing, these bottoms are a must have. I love the color and little pattern detail. I’m surprised how many high waisted bathing suits I’ve seen that look like a diaper. These are elegant and simplistic without being over the top. Pair these with any top or buy the matching set and hit the beach! 

Trying to be more environmentally friendly? This sustainable swimsuit brand has all of the things you are looking for: cute suits, tons of different prints to choose from, along with the classic silhouettes you have come to love. 

This is the suit for the active girl. I know I have been trying to swim at the beach or jump on a jet ski and having to constantly adjust my usual two piece, which is annoying! This brand is cute, simple, sustainable, and will stay in place whether you are battling waves or just going for a run at the beach.