Trendy Items for Spring that you can wear all Year round

Trendy Items for Spring that you can wear all Year round

Cardigans are making a comeback in a huge way! Spring is all about colors so pick one up in a green or blue and wear it all through summer and fall too!

Yellow lens sunglasses are also a huge hit for spring. Yellow tint sunglasses are always a great option to have when its cloudy outside. 

Trousers are also making a comeback in a big way! Opt for brown, white, or even green for a classic piece that is 100% on trend.

The 3 Items you Need in Your wardrobe that are great for every age and occasion

The 3 Items you Need in Your wardrobe that are great for every age and occasion

The simple white tee. It’s classic, easy, and it goes with almost anything. Dress it down with jeans a sneakers or dress it up with a skirt and sandals.

A easy and fun dress for Spring or Summer. Everyone needs one easy and cute outfit to wear during those warmer months! Whether it’s to wear out on a date or just to run errands everyone needs a cute dress they can feel confident in!

A great pair of sneakers! Whether you love a clean white pair or a cute stylish pair of New Balances, sneakers are the new heels! Who doesn’t love a comfortable shoe.

Accessories for Spring

Accessories for Spring

These are the sunglasses you will see everywhere this Spring and Summer! They flatter almost any face shape and come in a variety of colors for every style.

This season pastels are everywhere! This cute bag is not only on trend but in sale!

Have you heard the 70s are back? Colorful pieces and mixing prints is a huge trend for Spring and this sweater has them both covered.

What’s your favorite trend for Spring?

Swim for the Summer

Swim for the Summer

This year summer might be looking a little different, but that still doesn’t mean hanging out poolside, or lakeside, or beachside isn’t an option. Even if a body of water is not readily available to you, tanning is also another pastime I have not given up during quarantine, just don’t forget the sunscreen! Here’s a list of swimsuits that will look great on all body types whether you like to cover up or let it all out.

This swimsuit is a beautiful color with a lot of little details that really make it stand out from the crowd. My favorite park is the coverage in the chest area as well as how it goes a little further down your torso. This cute suit is a greta way to wear a two piece without showing everything. 

This one piece is a splurge, but the patterns, the cut, the color all make for a great investment suit for someone looking for a cute one piece. This shows a little leg without being overly sexy, but this is definitely not your mothers one piece. 

If high waisted is your thing, these bottoms are a must have. I love the color and little pattern detail. I’m surprised how many high waisted bathing suits I’ve seen that look like a diaper. These are elegant and simplistic without being over the top. Pair these with any top or buy the matching set and hit the beach! 

Trying to be more environmentally friendly? This sustainable swimsuit brand has all of the things you are looking for: cute suits, tons of different prints to choose from, along with the classic silhouettes you have come to love. 

This is the suit for the active girl. I know I have been trying to swim at the beach or jump on a jet ski and having to constantly adjust my usual two piece, which is annoying! This brand is cute, simple, sustainable, and will stay in place whether you are battling waves or just going for a run at the beach. 

Tie Dye for the Minimalist

Tie Dye for the Minimalist

I love the tie dye trend, but I’m not big into wearing a lot of color or pattern, so with one color dye and a little water and bleach I made the perfect minimalist tie dye sweater!

Here’s the step by step:

1. You need to start off with a white cotton sweater, or shirt, or pants, or whatever else you want to use. I used this sweater for mine.

2. Then you’ll need to pick your dye color, I used grey and grab some rubber bands and a few squeeze bottles.

3. Fill up three of the bottles with various amount of dye. Fill one with one part water, fill one with two parts water, and fill one with one part water and one part bleach.

4. Take your sweatshirt and scrunch it up and put rubber bands so it won’t come undone. You can also look up various tie dye techniques if you want to get fancy!

5. Start off with your darkest bottle first and start decorating. I would use the bottle with the bleach last as to have to colors fully absorb before the bleach is put on top. Don’t forget to get the back!

6. Let dry for an hour or so, then cut off the rubber bands and throw it in the washer.

7. After it is done washing, hang to dry and admire your work of art.