When We Were Young Festival

This festival was something that everyone doubted would even happen, and when day 1 got cancelled it looked like that might come true. But day 2 came and the winds died down and the gates opened. The line to get in was a little confusing but luckily this festival had a lot of people who have at least attending one or two of these things so everyone lined up in an orderly fashion and we all made it in. At first it was a lot! There was an arch with people taking photos, food booths, some interactive booths, bar booths, and some shaded sitting areas. Then of course, you walk a little further and see the stages, what we are all here for! It was a windy day but overall it was a fun time with lots of like minded people who were just rocking out to the music. Here are some things I would suggest if you are going this weekend or plan on going next year.

First is the merch booths, they ran out of almost everything towards the end of the night so I would go there first if you really want to grab something.

Second of course is eating before you even get there. So many people went without something in their stomach and then had to wait in a long food line when their favorite band was playing because they waited too long to eat. Also on the food subject, I highly recommend using the re-entry option and just walking to Circus Circus and grabbing some pizza.

Third is be prepared for a crowd. I will say the crowd wasn’t too bad but after 6pm is where is got crowded and became a little difficult to get around, but think Disneyland at Christmas it wasn’t so packed you couldn’t breath, unless of course you were in front of a stage. If you’ve been to one of these music festivals you know by the stage or in the pit can get packed so be prepared.

Lastly is just have fun! Obviously this was not the perfect festival but as a first attempt I really enjoyed myself. When going to any event or party or concert it really does start with your attitude going in! If you think your not going to have any fun – you probably won’t.

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