The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling

Whether you are a traveling pro or take a trip once a year, here are some things you may want to keep in mind on your next trip! Traveling can be glamorized by social media but it is definitely not all it appears!

First thing is always be aware of your surroundings, make sure you know where your belongings are and who is around you.

Be ready to change your plans. Well I really like having a general idea of what I want to do, I don’t like to have a rigid plan everyone has to stick to. Sometimes flights get delayed or someone is not feeling good. Traffic can cause you to be late or sometimes you have a plan to do something and you just really aren’t feeling it. Maybe you get hungry at 5pm instead of 6? Everything is always in a state of flux so don’t count on anything.

Now I say don’t make rigid plans, but do your research because there are some places you have to have a reservation for. If there’s something you know you have to make a reservation for then do it! Just make sure to give yourself enough time before and after I’m case something happens or does change.

Bring snacks….. just do it! Whether it’s a plane or car or taxi or boat just bring a few snacks. You never know and being hungry it probably the worst feeling in the world when you are traveling and trying to have a good time.

Things happen, especially when traveling so the biggest things to ensure you have a good time on any trip is to go with the flow! The restaurant that you wanted to go to has a 3 hour wait? Head to that pub across the street and see what they have to eat. You planned on going for a morning hike but it’s raining? Take the morning off and people watch at the coffee shop you have been wanting to try.

There have been so many times that things weren’t what we expected or what we had hoped for but then sometimes the back ups turn out even better or more fun! Traveling can be so fun but things almost never go as expected, so have fun and enjoy no matter what happens!

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