Visiting Halloweentown

Did you know that every year starting in September the city of Saint Helens, Oregons put on their Spirit of Halloweentown event? Saint Helens is the site where they filmed the first Halloweentown movie that aired on Disney Channel in the late 1990s starting Debbie Reynolds. Being born in the 90s this movie was one of my favorite parts of Halloween and I can remember always wanting to go and visit the big pumpkin and cast a spell of my own. This year I got to live out my childhood dream and visit Halloweentown!

Halloweentown looks a little different from 20 years ago but the magical and icon spots still look the same! We went on Saturday and got there early to get some good photo opts before it got too busy. Tickets are $30 and parking is $15. You can park for free if you don’t mind walking a little though! We checked in and got our lanyards which included a walk through the haunted house, a train ride, and a pumpkin puzzle activity! We went through the haunted house and had lots of fun! Just creepy enough, but not too scary for babies like me and and my husband!

The spirit of Halloweentown is something you experience as soon as you see the pumpkin smiling back at you. With witches, vampires, and pirates walking around, you can’t help but smile and think of that famous Halloweentown theme song. People are passing out candy, because in Halloweentown everyone is a kid again.

The movie theater where Grandma Aggie was trapped is also still there just watch out for Kalabar! All the little shops are so fun to walk around and look in. We grabbed a themed sweatshirt to celebrate our trip and make sure it wasn’t all just a fever dream once we went back to the mortal realm.

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