My Favorite Wedding Ideas that went over really well with our guests!

First of all we are really lucky and had so many supportive people come and celebrate with us! These are the things that we did that turned out amazing, these things were very us so the first tip is just so things that you guys love!

I am a five year old at heart, so instead of spending money on like gifts for our guests we had a candy bar! My mom was hesitant at first when I told her but you know what, everyone loved it! Almost all the candy we bought got eaten during the reception or got taken home in the little containers we provided. That way if they want to take something they can, but if not it’s not wasted money on our part. I was actually sad there wasn’t that much left over!

Another huge recommendation is a photo booth! We only had ours for a few hours but everyone loved it and those drunk photos were amazing memories that I will cherish forever. Also, make sure you hire one and make sure they send you the all the digital copies! Making your own is a good way to save a few bucks but having someone run it helped things move along quickly and helped as people got progressively more inebriated throughout the night! Plus knowing you’ll get all those pictures at a later date is just one thing less to worry about.

Last big thing I would recommend is having signature drinks! If you are having a bar (open or not) having signature drinks helps those indecisive guests grab something quick and shares something you love with your loved ones. It can actually be a great way to connect with people! We found out a few people loved my husbands signature drink, and I convinced a few people to try an espresso martini!

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