Life Updates

Life has been a lot lately and between trying to balance everything, I feel like a lot has slipped through the cracks, including this blog….
The biggest event coming up, of course I that after a 3 and half years of waiting, and a few Covid induced postponements, Bruce and I are officially having our big wedding and ceremony with all of our friends and family. Between trying to wrangle all of our rsvps and having a groomsmen and bridesmaid unable to make it, it has been a lot of unpredictable things but we’re lucky because we have each other and we have family and friends who love us so much. One thing I have learned growing up is that the people who want to be in your life will make the time. It may not be every weekend like when we were 18 but they will make an effort and of course, you should as well in return.
Even for myself, I know I have been so lucky to never have to worry about my parents or my extended family not caring about me. They have always been there whether I needed a hug or a pep talk, but unfortunately my grandma, who is 94 fell recently and broke her arm right above her elbow. At her age it is always hard to say what will happen next, but now I am trying to visit her as often as I can. Every weekend I bring her coffee (she likes the blonde Starbucks) and we talk or play one of her favorite games. I know it has also taken a toll on my mom who is also helping to plan the wedding and trying to help take care of her mom. So I am just trying to be as supportive as possible and be grateful for everything I have including the time I do get to spend with the two women who basically raised me. (besides my dad of course, hi dad!)

On the career side of life, things have been going well! Still working 40 hours a week in a remote position as an Account Manager and trying to keep up with micro influencing! I love to shoot photos and videos and promote brands through my following on here as well as on Instagram and tiktok mostly. Over the past three months I have been able to secure several collaborations. What I do for these collaborations is test or try out the product and then come up with photos concepts and then shoot them (or Bruce does). After I have shoot the photos or the videos, I typically have to send them to the brand for approval and then once received make sure they are posted with all the specifics that the brand has requested. Sometimes it’s certain hashtags or brand tags, or captions. Once I have posted I then go into the app and try and engage with my following and make sure the photo or video I just posted is being seen my the right audience. Sometimes it can take awhile but I usually try to spend an hour or so trying to engage and build a following. It sometimes can feel like there are never enough hours in the day…

Lastly, of course I have been really trying to make sure I am still there for my friends and family when they need me! All of them have been so supportive and patient during the planning process and I want to try to make sure I am keeping up with them and make sure they know they are loved and important to me! Whether that being going out for drinks, having a Harry Potter marathon, or cheering on my niece at her track meet, I have really been trying to foster these relationships. Which shouldn’t be hard, it’s just sometimes all these things tend to happen at once. So if I haven’t seen you, don’t worry we will make it happen soon…. And if you have made it this far in my post I thank you for being so supportive and for reading a little into what I have been up to! Love you guys❤️

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