Branson, Missouri – The Town you Probably Haven’t Heard Of

For the past 3 summers now, my husband and I have spend a week or so of summer in his parents lake house on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Before meeting my husband I had no desire or even inclination to visit Missouri, so I had no idea what I was walking into. Table Rock Lake is about an hour outside of Springfield (you might of heard of that one) and is located right next to a town called Branson. Branson is where people in the area go to do all sorts of things! If you are not on the lake, you might be go carting, or visiting the wax museum, or aquarium, or maybe enjoying the best ice cream you’ve ever had at Andy’s. Branson is like Las Vegas for families, with many things to do crammed into a street or two. It’s never someplace I would have picked out to visit but it is always such a fun place to go! The people are friendly and the food is delicious, there’s always something to do in Branson.

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