New York City Itinerary

We love visiting NYC and this year we revisited some favorites and did a few new things as well! Below are a few things we highly recommend if you are visiting New York City.

You have to grab a bagel! Trust me, it’s like eating a croissant in Paris, it’s just a one of a kind, tasty experience you need to have! Bagel spots are on every corner but here are our top 2, Liberty Bagels and Thompson Square Bagel. Try the maple cream cheese at Liberty, you will not be disappointed.

If you love museums and history The Met is a must see! We always make it a point to visit anytime we are in New York and it never disappoints. Plus it’s the perfect photo spot to reminisce about the lives of the beautiful upper East Siders of Gossip Girl.

If you want a view skip the Empire State Building and look at the city from places like The Edge or a rooftop bar like the Magic Hour NYC. You get a great view WITH the Empire State Building in it.

Last but not least make sure to walk or take the subway if you can! I can’t tell you how many little stores and restaurants we bumped into that we tried!

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