Pieces you can mix and match to get the most of your wardrobe!

I love a great oversized blazer, whether it’s colorful, patterned or simplistic, pair this with any of the following of a cute but put together look!

  • Mini dress
  • Shorts and a Tee
  • Jeans and a crop top
  • Long skirt and tank top
  • Matching or non matching trousers

Another fun and easy piece is a slip dress or a simple and classic baby doll. This minimal piece is great for when the weather gets warmer and you can pair it with:

  • Sandals and a great pair of earrings
  • Long coat and some high boots
  • Over sized flannel and combat boots
  • Sneakers and a Jean jacket

That old tee that you got from vacation 10 years ago that you never wear. I feel like I have  a thousand of these old shirts in my closet, but these aren’t just for sleeping! You can dress them up or down and wear them outside of your house! Try them with:

  • High waisted trousers and sandals or wedges
  • With a dressy skirt and sneakers
  • Black jeans and boots
  • Over bikers shorts with sneakers and a collared shirt

Sometimes when you think you have nothing to wear you just need to take another peak into your closet!

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