Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas for you, your significant other, or your best friends!

Have a spa day! Grab some sheet masks, nail polish, bath bombs, and some wine! This spa day would be amazing with anyone or by yourself on the Big February 14th.
Couples tip: grab some essential oils as well and give each other massages.

Indoor or outdoor picnic! Whether it’s hot or cold a picnic is the perfect way to spend some quality time. Grab some cheese, your favorite drink and a good book!

Sip and paint night! Grab some canvas, paint, and some wine for your very own version of a classic date night! Doesn’t matter if your artistic or not, no one has to see it.

Photo booth! Make a cute backdrop with your significant other or friends then spend the night taking pictures or videos! This is also fun if you want an excuse to get dressed up!

Movie night but with a twist! Pick your favorite movie or two and every time someone says the word love take a shot! Grab some heart shaped snacks and make a whole night out of it.

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