Why it’s okay to be selfish sometimes and when it’s not

In a world full of inconsiderate people, sometimes it feels as if the world is just one messed up place, and in some aspects it is. But in some ways it’s perfect. Being selfish has a bad connotation, but everyone needs to practice it once in awhile. You SHOULD be selfish with your time and energy, you don’t want to go out, but you think your friends are counting on you? Just be honest! Say that you’d rather stay in or invite them over for a movie night instead, it’s okay to be selfish with your time. However, it is not okay to lie and tell your friends that your mom needs you to take her to the airport. People understand if you don’t want to go out, they however won’t understand why you lied to them.

Stop feeling bad for doing what you need. Life is short and if you want to spend a Saturday night eating takeout with your dog, do it! If you need a haircut, but you just haven’t “found the time”, you need to make the time! A haircut or color that makes you feel beautiful is important! However, yelling at your hairstylist to hurry up because you are in a rush is something selfish that you should not do! Selfishness and being inconsiderate are two different things and I think our society has confused the two for awhile now. Everyone should have one selfish hour or 30 minutes a week, just for mental health, whether it’s a bath or a walk. I encourage everyone to try being selfish this week.

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