What makes you happy?

This year and last year was definitely an unprecedented time in the world, and it still is! With lockdowns and coups it can sometimes seem like the world is going to poop. Now with social media and the news it can increase this sudden dread or loathing even more. My motivation has been fluctuating since Christmas, with all the days starting to blur together, it can seem hopeless. A few things I have learned that help me day after day are finding things that make me happy. Doing things that I actually want to do! Do I want to take a few pictures today? Yes? Then let’s do it! No? Then let’s find something else that sounds fun. If staying in bed all day sounds the best, let’s do that!

I know it sounds simple in theory but it can still be hard to execute. So there’s this thing that me and my husband do every night. What was your favorite part about today? Sometimes our answers are simple, like when I ate those macarons or sometimes they have a little more substance, like when I signed another collaboration with a brand. Everyday it helps us think about and realize what actually made us happy that day.

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