Halloween Movies to get you in the Spooky Spirit

1. Get Out isn’t a classic Halloween movies but this scary and suspense filmed will definitely freak you out!

2. Beetle juice is just the right amount of scary and funny for your Halloween night.

3. Ghostbusters! Another classic film for your Halloween movie marathon.

4. Any Halloweentown movie (except the 4th) these movies are a little cheesy but perfect for that nostalgia factor.

5. Anytime is a good time for Rocky Horror Picture Show!

6. Particularly Magic is such a great feel good movie if you don’t want anything too scary!

7. The Exorcist is another great and classically scary movie to watch behind a blanket.

8. Hocus Pocus has been my favorite movie for as long as I can remembering for good reason!

9. Sleepy Hollow is the perfect period piece with some spooky vibes.

10. Can’t be Halloween without Norman Bates going Psycho and who can forget that epic shower scene.

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