Gold Earrings for all Occasions

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have been seeing ears full of jewelry hitting the runways and Instagram feeds, but exactly how much do you have to spend to get the look at home? Are having multiple piercings in each ear requires? Check out below for some of my favorite earrings and cuffs, and no, you don’t have to spend a fortune!

1. These amazing huggies are inexpensive and are amazing quality! I love having these to layer with any earrings and they come in silver and gold. 

2. These hoops are very trendy at the moment are a great statement piece! 

3. Adinas has a ton of gold and silver earrings to chose from but I love these when I want to later hoops without going to over the top. 

4. This is also by Adinas Jewels but it’s for the girl that does have a cartilage piercing! This cuff adds an extra sparkle without any pain. 

5. These delicate hoops are another great piece you can layer or wear by themselves! This isn’t a huggie, so it won’t be tight against your ear but it’s not so big that you can’t wear them everyday. I think I need to grab a pair of these ones, such a classic. 

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