My Favorite Southern California Places to Explore

Living in Southern California, there’s always a million things to do, but usually there are also a million other people doing what you want to do…. these are a few hidden spots that I’ve come across over the years.

1. Now anytime you want to go to the beach in summer I recommend going early, but I’ve only been to this beach once when it was crowded and I’ve been to Crescent Bay a bunch! I love this little stretch of beach near Laguna. Parking is (usually!) easy to find and free plus you can’t beat Laguna’s sites.
2. Craig Regional Park in Fullerton is right off the freeway and so easy to get to! This park has ducks, a lake, rolling hills and of course walking trails leading everywhere! I love coming here when I need a break from people to read a book or catch some sun.
3. Old Towne Orange and their Farmers market! This place is so fun to go and explore and grab some great produce or a coffee from Urth Caffe! Every Saturday they set up a farmers market filled with breads, fruit, vegetables, and even homemade almond milk. I love coming here and exploring.
4. When you walk down the steps to Victoria beach you can either go right towards the Pirate Tower, or you can turn left towards an open beach. Most people turn right and crowd the tower, but the beach to the left is empty.
5. Huskins coffee is a coffee shop tucked away in the apartment center of Santa Ana, but this hidden Canadian gem is perfect for your morning latte and a sandwich or two.

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