Easy Ways to Transition Your Summer Style into Fall Fashion

Fall is my favorite time of year but in Southern California, Fall weather usually doesn’t arrive until mid November. I use these tips and tricks so I feel more festive during fall.

1. Add a pair of boots! It may be too hot still to wear a sweater where you live but adding a pair of boots to any outfit is an easy way to elevate your look.
2. Grab a fall color! Who doesn’t love a cute orange dress or a great neutral brown. Pop one of these colors on and you will feel more like a pumpkin api e in no time.
3. Add a layer! Once the weather cools down a little add a cute sweater or some tights for an added piece of interest.
4. Add a hat, and no I don’t mean a baseball cap. Add a cute non straw hat to your dress, skirt or jeans and people will ask where you are going apple picking!
5. Accessories are everything! I love adding a festive touch subtly with some fun pumpkin or ghost earrings or a fun fall hair clip.

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