A Day at the Park

With August in full swing, there’s one thing that I think everyone should do before summer’s end; a picnic of course! Go to your local park and find a shady spot underneath a tree where you can spend the afternoon. These are some of my favorite things to do when I have a free afternoon and some tips to make it a more enjoyable day!

  • Make sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. The shade is great, but the sun moves and shade can be fleeting.
  • Bring a good book to read. Whether it’s a how-to or a good fairytale, bring something that will hold your attention for the afternoon. If you are looking for some good recommendations, start here!
  • A picnic basket and/or cooler is a must! Stock it with water, lemonade and some snacks. I love to bring cheese, crackers, and some hummus. If you’re feeling fancy, make your own charcuterie board!
  • Headphones, whether you like the quiet or if the park is just too loud. Listen to a podcast and you can lay under the sun or you can put on some music to go with the scenery.
  • A blanket! No one wants grass stains, or itchy legs; make sure to bring something to sit on that you don’t mind if it gets dirty. If you want to be really fancy, bring a lawn chair or pick one up at Walmart for $5.
  • A ball, glove, a crochet, frisbee, or anything that can get you moving. I love sitting and relaxing as much as the next person, but getting up and being active is also a great way to get some endorphins flying.
  • A camera or even just your phone. Find a list online and try to take pictures of everything on it. Find a bike, a bird, a dog, and snap a pic then check it off the list. If you’re with friends, make it a scavenger hunt!

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