My Favorite Affordable Bags You’ll want to Show Off

With COVID-19 still a very big thing, my purse has become a dumping ground for masks, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and of course all my other everyday essentials. Now more then ever it’s important to have a bag that’s not only functional and affordable but also cute!

This croc print is everywhere and it comes in so many different colors!

Straw bags are always great for summer and spring. This is a staple that will make an appearance every year and it’s on sale!

This bag is perfect for adventures and carries more than a lot of purses! There’s a reason why these are so popular at theme parks, but don’t worry you can get one to fit your personality, whether you like Disney or comics or Doctor Who!

Not one for small bags? Me either… this classic black tote is perfect for everyday.

Want to make a statement? This bag is perfect; cow print is still a major trend and with this pop of color on the handle there is not stopping you!

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