Small Jewelry Brands You May not Have Heard Of

Adinas Jewels
Might not seem like a small, family owned business, but they are! They have grown more popular in the recent years, but this more affordable jewelry has every piece you could ever want for your collection. I wear a pair of their earrings everyday.

Rockii Store
Locally owned Southern California business with the cutest and trendiest pieces. The owner is also always giving back to her customers and her community.

Stella and Haas
Black owned business I recently discovered and fell in love. Super affordable and they have a ton of personalized options to choose from.

Jenny Bird
Another great jewelry company that produces high quality pieces that will not fall apart after a year. I have had my chain necklace that I have worn to death, and it still looks as amazing as the day it came in the mail.

Wolf Circus
Women run business who think about the way they create their hand made pieces in order to not put too much strain on the environment. Their minimalist pieces last years and they look like you are wearing pieces of art.

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