Vintage Etsy Finds

This past week has been a hectic one, me and my now husband got married and moved into a new apartment, all while a global pandemic has gone on. With all the craziness, I have not been able to go out and shop for home decor like normal, I have had to try and get creative and shop online. Something are easy to search for, a couch, plates, and towel rack, but other detailed, personal touches are where I am struggling to shop. I love thrifting a finding the best vintage items in clothing and now in home decor, however during the pandemic, I have had to turn to an unlikely place, Etsy. Here are some of the best vintage and/or antique items I have found but unfortunately have no use or practice place for.

This vintage mirror reminds me of pre-revolutionary France, maybe hung up in Versailles as a decoration. I love the detailing around the edges and the hook on the back, so you can hang it up easily! 

The actual photograph isn’t exactly vintage, but I can’t help myself. This photo of Italy (where we were suppose to be right now!) is too gorgeous not to include. I love the old style cars and the houses in the background.


This brass planter looks like something out of my dreams. I love the handles and it’s the perfect spot to keep all your little green babies.

Need someplace to put your keys, or maybe a dish to hold your rings overnight before you go to sleep? This jewelry dish is the perfect combination of modern meets vintage.

Would you like a drink? These old school champagne glasses will have you feeling fancy even if you are just drinking water. I’m not sure why the style of these glasses were ever changed, I definitely prefer this style to the new ones. 

Scalloped plates are everywhere now, but these are the real thing! Beautiful, trimmed and with just a little detailing around the edges. I might buy these ones for myself! 

This vintage sculpture can also be used in different ways. Put your rings around its fingers, use it for a fake flower or two, or put it out as a talking point. I love the lightly colored flowers on this one and the delicacy.

I love candles and these candle stick holders would elevate any candle I use. I love the brass coloring (to match the planter) and they would look gorgeous on any table or fireplace. 

These are just a few items that I have seen while searching through the pages of Etsy. If you are curious yourself or just want to find something I haven’t listed here, make sure you click off the vintage option as a filter so you get the best results. Happy shopping!

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