Tie Dye for the Minimalist

I love the tie dye trend, but I’m not big into wearing a lot of color or pattern, so with one color dye and a little water and bleach I made the perfect minimalist tie dye sweater!

Here’s the step by step:

1. You need to start off with a white cotton sweater, or shirt, or pants, or whatever else you want to use. I used this sweater for mine.

2. Then you’ll need to pick your dye color, I used grey and grab some rubber bands and a few squeeze bottles.

3. Fill up three of the bottles with various amount of dye. Fill one with one part water, fill one with two parts water, and fill one with one part water and one part bleach.

4. Take your sweatshirt and scrunch it up and put rubber bands so it won’t come undone. You can also look up various tie dye techniques if you want to get fancy!

5. Start off with your darkest bottle first and start decorating. I would use the bottle with the bleach last as to have to colors fully absorb before the bleach is put on top. Don’t forget to get the back!

6. Let dry for an hour or so, then cut off the rubber bands and throw it in the washer.

7. After it is done washing, hang to dry and admire your work of art.

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