A Few of My Favorite Things to Do When I’m Stuck at Home

Stuck at home with seemingly nothing to do? Here are a few things that always keep me entertained when home seems more like a confinement than a sanctuary.

1. Clean or organize that place that you have been putting off. For me, it’s my closet, for you maybe a garage. Make a plan to start and stick to it.

2. Create something beautiful, whether it be a poem, story, drawing, or future Christmas card. Now is the time to let those creative juices flow?

3. Not a artsy type? Grab an adult coloring book and color your day away. This is something I like to do when I few extra anxious or when I’m just tired of looking at my phone screen.

4. Board games and card games! Grab a deck of cards or that old game of checkers up in your closet. Make a tournament and loser has to wash the dishes.

5. Make a at home circuit training course with jump rope, hula hoops, and weights. Keep your body moving and get your sweat on.

6. Cook something special that you’ve never tried before! Don’t have much in your fridge? Use this website and enter what you have and it will give you different recipes so you don’t have to go running out to the store.

7. Read a book! Grab your favorite author and sit in the sun while escaping your house to another world.

8. If none of these sound exciting, or if you’ve had a long day of work, lay in bed and zone out to a good movie or take a weekend and try to binge watch something you’ve never seen before. Here is a list of a few of my favorites with their streaming platforms:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amazon Prime
Orange is the New Black – Netflix
The Magicians – Netflix
Doctor Who – Amazon Prime
Game of Thrones – HBO
Chernobyl – HBO
Designated Survivor – Netflix
The Path – Hulu
Mad Men – Netflix
The Handmaids Tale – Hulu
Dear White People – Netflix
Good Omens – Amazon Prime
Outlander – Netfllix
Merlin – Netflix
The Man in the High Castle – Amazon Prime

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