The 5 Dresses You Need For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and spring time means showing a little leg. Whether it’s still a little chilly or if it’s already 80 degrees. These dresses will warm up your look.

1. A slip dress is one of those wardrobe staples everyone should have. This one adds a little spring flair with a fun print! It also comes in black if color isn’t a word in your vocabulary.

2. Looking at the slip making you cold? This dress combines the best of both worlds, spring vibes with long sleeves! Pair it with a hat and boot to keep warm or wear it with some sandals to the beach.

3. Green is popping up everywhere this spring and This dress pairs this classic silhouette with this trendy color.

4. I can’t resist a good plaid. This dress is the perfect transitional dress, the blue brings a brightness while being versatile enough for summer and spring.

5. Wedding season is just around the corner. This dress is elegant enough for your boyfriends co-workers wedding, or just casual enough for your roommates Vegas elopement.

All these dresses and so little time! What’s your favorite on the list?

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