The 3 Places you Have to Visit on your Next Trip to Joshua Tree

1. Joshua Tree National Park, this May seem like an obvious one but I had been a few times and had never gone to the national park! I thought, eh hiking really isn’t my thing, but once I finally went I saw that some of the hikes really aren’t that bad and the views off the rocks I was able to climb were beautiful!

2. The Station doesn’t sound like a whole lot but you won’t miss the giant cowboy out front. This very instagramable spot sells cute nick nacks and cold drinks for anyone who needs a refresher after being in the sun all day. This was one of my favorite spots to walk around and snap a few pictures.

3. The Crochet Museum and surrounding art. This is tucked away in someone’s backyard but it is the cutest thing to see! The crochet museum is world famous and you can go in and look at all the different crochet items collected. After the museum walk around and discover the mirror balls and the secret deck above where you can look over the town. My favorite part is the ability to walk around and admire what people have created without security on you if you get to close to a mural, but with that being said respect the art and keep it beautiful for everyone!

Joshua tree isn’t very big but it’s a wonderful place to explore on a weekend. There’s food, art, nature, and the people are friendly. Next time you want to take a trip, I highly recommend making Joshua Tree a must see.

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