Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

White teeth and thick lashes were all I have ever wanted since I was a kid. I never thought my teeth were that yellow, but my lashes needed work. Fast forward a few years, and lash extensions are my best friend but my teeth were still the same slightly off white color. With my wedding day approaching, I really wanted to try something that would work. Not strips that I heard cause your teeth to be extra sensitive, and not a $300 treatment from the dentist, but that’s when I found Smile Brilliant. 

Smile Brilliant caught my eye for two main reasons: One, they make custom trays specifically for my mouth, and two, they send you a de-sensitizing gel to help maintain the integrity of your teeth. I was sold. My teeth mold kit was sent to me in about 2 days and after that I received my whiting trays a week after. After whitening my teeth a few times, I started to get the hang of it and really loved how my teeth were looking and feeling! My teeth looked whiter and brighter but no extra sensitivity, which is exactly what I was hoping for. 

Here are some before & after photos:

After just a few easy steps before I bed I was able to whiten my teeth easily right from home, without even having to step foot in a store. After completing the program, I am so happy that my smile is brighter and whiter and I will be able to smile confidently on my wedding day!

Check out my video of the whole process below!

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