Protect The Environment While Shopping

It’s not secret that the earth is in worse shape then it was 100 years ago, however there simple things we can do to help Mother Earth get back in fighting shape.

1. Don’t shop fast fashion. What is fast fashion exactly? It’s those mega chains that make $0.05 garments over seas and then ship them back here and sell them for $20. It may seem like a deal, but that one shirt caused pollution not only to manufacture, but also to ship over. I know it’s not logically to completely stop shopping at these types of stores, especially for those on a budget, but buying one less piece a month can make a difference. Looking for a sustainable brand? Try this one:


2. Bring your own shopping bag! This one sounds simple, but it’s one I’m still not very good at practicing. Bring your own tote bag if you plan on doing any type of grocery, shoe, or clothing shopping and save some plastic and paper. Need a cute tote bag? Check out this beautiful BAG

3. Have you had your eye on some designer pieces? Find a store that sells them secondhand! I don’t mean a thrift shop, but there are lots of websites that specialize in selling designer items at a discount. Find a great piece for less and help the environment by taking away one less piece of trash and one less piece needed to be manufactured. Curious about second hand designer items? Check out my favorite place to shop:


By cutting out even one piece of trash or one car ride, we can all help our home, try one sustainable habit this week!

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