My Favorite Etsy Stores

Who doesn’t love a great find? These three stores are my go-to’s when I want something special, beautiful, and good quality.

This first store is the first store that I tried that I loved. Annikabella has the prettiest jewelry available made of real sterling silver, for a great price! The shipping may take a few, but I have yet to find a place to buy a simple sterling silver ring for under $20.

This second store is all about the pizzazz. Rainbow and sparkles and tule oh my! LirikaMatoshi would be my first stop for Coachella shopping (if I ever went). Everything in her shop is there to bring out your inner princess.

Looking for the most perfect hair accessory? Look no further then NeverNotRetro. They repurpose old designer wrappings and trims and use them to make the bows. Bows not your thing? They also have the greatest selection of earrings and headband to vamp up your look.

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