Free Things to do after the Holidays

The holidays leave you a little short on cash? Me too… this year, since I have been working from home I have had to try and get creative with things to do on the weekends that won’t break the bank. Here’s a list I have put together that anyone can do!

1. Do some research and see what museums in your area have free admission! In LA I know the Getty is free to get into.
2. Find a historic landmark and go on your own self guided tour. Who knows what fascinating history is at your back door.
3. Grab a coffee, and go to your local bookstore. Browsing books while sipping on a latte is my idea of a great afternoon. Even if I don’t buy anything.
4. Go for a walk. Get in some steps and walk around the block or walk to get some lunch. It’s a great way to get outside when you’ve been feeling cooped up.
5. Find water! Grab a friend and take a trip to your nearest body of water! Ocean, river, lake, doesn’t matter enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the world around you.

Don’t really feel like leaving the house? Pull up YouTube and try a new recipe that you can eat during your next Netflix binge.

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