Gifts Under $50 that They will Actually Like

When people think of the word stocking stuffer or secret Santa, what usually comes to mind? Socks, alcohol , candy, a candle? With these gifts, you’ll be the one everyone hopes gets their name next year.

1. This is for the fashion forward girl, she takes risks, always wears the pastiest trend, and isn’t afraid to be bold. 

2. This is for the person who seems to always be flying off somewhere. Traveling is their game, and adventurer is there name. 

3. For the outdoorsy one. This luxury beanie will help them stay warm even when the weather dips below freezing. 

4. For the makeup fiend. She loves to experiment and she’s never without a lip gloss in her purse. 

5. For the artsy one. This coffee table book will be the highlight of their living room, it looks good and it’s something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. 

If all else fails, no one would complain about diving into these deliciously fancy chocolates. 

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