Things to Do in Los Angeles for Christmas

It’s no secret that LA doesn’t exactly scream jolly and merry during the holidays, but this list may be able to help you get in that Christmas spirit!

1. The Santa Baby pop up bar is the most festive thing you can find right in the middle of Los Angeles. It’s $5 per ticket to get in, but the atmosphere is well worth it, who doesn’t want to watch Christmas movies by a tree and fire place with a festive drink in hand? 

2. The Festival of Lights in Riverside at the Mission inn is quiet a sight. The first time I went I was awestruck by how many lights there were and how festive everything looked. No fee required to gawk at the sights, but get there early to avoid a long line. 

3. Disneyland, is just about as festive as you can get. Main Street is all done up with lights and a giant Christmas tree, add in festive food and drink and the holidays will never be the same. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit stop by Main Street around 7 to see some snow in Southern California.

Those are the 3 places that really get you into the spirit, but here are a few honorable mentions that are only around in December:

Queen Mary Christmas

Grinchmas at Universal Studios

Newport Beach Boat Parade

Grand Central Holiday Market

Snow Summit

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