The Tips and Tricks You Might Not Have Thought About For Your Trip to Disneyland

Disneyland is a place of fantasy and adventure. When you visit Disneyland you find out that there are rules that only apply in this one of a kind place. 

Lines. Everywhere you go, you will have to wait in a line, so get use to it and be polite. A line to get in, a line for food, a line for the ride, a line for the restroom (if you’re a girl). The fact is, lines are everywhere but don’t have to hinder your good time. Download a charades app or bring another game that doesn’t require internet (4G is spotty at best!) to keep yourself sane and entertained.

Disneyland weather can vary based on the time of year and the weather around Southern California, however if it’s going to be above 70 degrees, leave the jacket at home. Disneyland is always warmer than the outside temperature. Maybe it’s due to all the people, or all the walking getting done, but unless it hits south of 68 degrees, I usually don’t need another layer.

Here’s a big one that I see people do all the time. On Main Street, if someone is walking behind you, do not stop suddenly to take a picture. Main Street is the main way in and out of the park, so standing in the middle of a major walkway trying to figure out what to do, is a major no no.

The food. Most of Disneyland’s iconic food does not live up to the hype. People can swear by their churros and Mickey shaped pretzels, but in reality, you can find those at ay amusement park. If you are going to buy food try one of the meal options throughout the park. You can’t go wrong with soup and a bread bowl in New Orleans square or a delicious meal at the Jolly Holiday (check out their seasonal stuff). Of course most food options are based on personal preference, but keep in mind most sit down places have the better capacity to prepare a delicious meal.

Save money where you can! Bring in water bottles and refill them at the local water fountains, don’t bring more than you can carry so you are forced to rent a lockers, and lastly wait until the end of the trip to buy souvenirs, there are great ones hiding in the corners of the park, so make sure you see everything before you buy.

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