Things You Should Know When Traveling to the Big Sur & Monterey Area

  • Big Sur is essentially restaurants, buildings, and trails all following on the side of the highway. Be prepared to pull over to grab a quick bite.
  • There is no reception in Big Sur, however most places have WiFi and are happy to give you the login if you just ask.
  • Big Sur is expensive, bring snacks, water, and try not to fill up your gas tank there. You think gas prices are bad now, we spent almost $6 a gallon!
  • The famous Bixby Bridge doesn’t have a sign or anything significant around it. Just look for the crowd of people and pull over and park where you can.
  • Carmel by the Sea is easy to miss but hard to forget, make some time to visit this wonderful town.
  • Carmel by the Sea and Monterey are only about 10 minutes away from each other, so going back and forth is a viable option.
  • Plan ahead and get tickets if you want to visit the Monterey aquarium.
  • The 17 miles drive is a lot of beaches and trees, but for 10 dollars per car it was a nice way to grab some good pictures.
  • If your into baked goods, you have to visit Carmel Bakery! It’s been there since the 1800’s and one nite of their soft pretzels will tell you why!

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