Why Thrifting is Important

Thrifting can not only save you some money but thrifting can also save the planet. Thrifting reduce the pollution that is caused by companies creating and making “fast fashion.” Now, you may ask, what is fast fashion? Fast fashion are the cheap, cute clothes, that usually only last a few wears before they fall apart. Think that trendy top that is so thin you wore a hole in it after that one concert. Or the dress you bought for Vegas and have only worn once. Thrifting that perfect dress can cut down on the environmental pollution that thousands of these fast fashion companies cause. With vintage being very in-style and trends recycling every 30 years or so, it’s worth it to take a look at your local thrift store before heading over to the mall for another $20 skirt.

Feeling a little lost in about thrifting? Always thinking why can’t I ever get those awesome thrift finds? Here are a few tips to help get you started.

1. Goodwill is not the ideal thrift store experience. Yes, you can find a few cute pieces there, but they are mostly overpriced and over-picked. I usually use goodwill and a last option if I can.

2. Make sure you look over the item and make sure there are no tears, holes, or stains. A $3 pair of pants is still not a good purchase if it has pizza grease all over the front.

3. Do your research! Make sure you know the bet places to go for the types of things you want. Will you find a pair of vintage designer shoes at a store in the middle of nowhere? Probably not. Head over to a secondhand designer store such as The Real Real for that Fendi bag you’ve always wanted.

4. Remember, a really cool pair or pants or a really nice blazer can be tailored to fit if they are a little big or long. Fit is key.

5. Lastly, remember thrifting is about the hunt, so if you are not prepared to at least spend an hour at a store, I wouldn’t expect to find any hidden treasures.

Thrifting is all about the excitement of finding your new favorite piece, so don’t stress if you don’t find something on your first go. Just head over and have some fun.

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