The Must Try Coffee Shops in and around Los Angeles and Orange County

As a lover of coffee and new things, anytime a new coffee shop opens around me, I make it a point to go and try a cup. My favorite drink has to be a vanilla latte, but these coffee shops have so much more to offer.

1. Huskins Coffee, in Santa Ana is one of my favorite places to go. They embrace their Canadian Heritage in the best way possible… a maple latte!
5 (1).jpg
2. Not a latte person? This next shop is for you. Philz Coffee may not exactly be a local coffee shop, but it is my go-to when I just want a good cup of wake up my soul coffee. With multiple locations, it is the Starbucks of good coffee.
2 (2).jpg
3. Another recent find of mine is Stereoscope Coffee Co, in Buena Park. This hidden gem is always busy and you’ll see why once you taste their version of an adult hot chocolate. Order a Ganache Mocha and enjoy the lay back feel of the shop. No rushing, no worry about spilling, the baristas bring your coffee right to you!
3 (1).jpg
4. You may have seen this next store on social media, because their drinks are picture perfect! Rad Coffee has two locations, one in Upland, and one in Venice Beach so whether you are LA or OC based a cereal killer coffee is not far from you. They have many specialty drinks that I could do a whole post about, but if I had to choose one, order a cookies and scream. One part coffee, one part cookies, all parts delicious.
1 (2).jpg
5. Now I couldn’t complete the list without telling you where I get my favorite vanilla latte, and luckily Coffee Commissary also has multiple locations.
4 (1).jpg

I could go of for days about coffee, but I figured I would try and keep this list short for your sake, but if none of these sounds like they are quite your style here are a few honorable mentions.

Bear Coast Coffee, multiple locations
Neat Coffee, Costa Mesa
Alfreds Coffee, multiple locations
Coffee Attic, Los Angeles
Local Coffee Bar, Chino Hills

Let me know if you can think of any I’ve missed or what I have to try next!

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