Fall Outfit Ideas For Hot Weather

I’ve always loved fall; pumpkin everything, football season, and the best clothing trends, but living in Southern California, fall weather can be HOT. So, this year I have decided to embrace the warm weather while integrating some upcoming fall trends into my wardrobe. It’s a simple few swaps that anyone can do, no pumpkin spice latte required.

1. Boots. Wear your summer clothing but instead of slides or sandals, throw on a pair of short boots. This will instantly make your outfit seem less summery and more fall-like.

2. Dark colors. This one is best for when it’s ideally under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A black tee with shorts or a skirt will instantly make you feel like it’s Autumn.

3. A hat. A hat may seem like more of a summer thing, but change up your baseball hat for a page boy cap and instantly upgrade your look.

4. Leather accessories. We all know water and leather don’t mix (RIP my 7th grade rainbows) so put away your straw beach bag and bring out that leather clutch.

5. Cotton long sleeved shirts. If you are someone who is always cold, try for a long sleeve cotton shirt paired with a mini skirt or shorts. This look is effortlessly chic and when you decide to brave the heat, a swift sleeve roll will be your best friend.

When in doubt throw on some jewelry over your white tee and head out looking put-together and masterfully stylish.

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