The Classic Piece of Jewelry you Need for This Fall

Trends may fade, but a good piece of jewelry is never going to go out of style. Everyone needs a statement necklace on their dresser, and this statement necklace is going to be everywhere during Fashion Week. This simple but elegant chain will be draped around the necks of the biggest names in fashion and some of my favorite bloggers. Gold and sliver, chunky and thin, long and short chains will be everywhere! I’ve linked a few of my favorites below:

1. “The Landry” by JennyBird comes in gold and silver options and is the perfect chain for when you want to make a statement! It is thick and on shorter side (hits my collar bones) but it is a great investment that will keep on giving! 

2. The Clea Chain by Wolf Circus is a delicate, gold, long chain perfect for layers or if you want to use it to keep something close to your heart. 

3. If you are looking for something a little different from the usually looking chain, the Axion Chain by Missoma is the go-to. It comes in silver and gold and every has a matching bracelet. This cool girl necklace is a perfect way to edge up any look. 

4. Not sure if you are ready to make an investment? Try on the Zuri Chain in gold or silver for the season and see if you fall in love. This is the perfect piece for the trendy woman. 


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