The Trend that is Here for the Long Haul

Fashion month is starting soon and this one trend you won’t be able to miss. The puffy sleeve is all around, from summer dresses to long sleeve blouses. This trend is not stopping anytime soon. The great thing about a little sleeve detail is this style can help you and me make that transition from the hot summer to the cooler wind chill of fall. I have put together a few pieces that will help you make this seasonal transition in style.

This BLACK TOP is effortlessly chic and it’s only $25!

This SLEEVE DETAIL is a little more subtle but I love that this can be thrown on in a pinch and still look put together.

If you looked up “fall dress” in the dictionary, THIS would be the picture next to it.

THIS ONE is perfect for fall under a coat with a nice pair of skinny jeans. I might have to get this one myself.

Looking to for something a little warmer for fall? This FREE PEOPLE JACKET has it all, sleeve details, movement, and edge.

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