The Fall Trend to Try Now

Just as summer is heating up, it seems like all the Fall styles are coming out. Even though we aren’t going to try the latest wool blazer trend in 100 degree weather, there is one trend you can start breaking in. The loafer is a classic show style that can be worn in every season! Here are a few ways I like to style my timeless shoes.

1. Loafers aren’t just for a business meeting, pair them with a fun skirt and your outfit instantly looks more sophisticated.

2. My favorite outfit is pairing them with a pair of jeans and tee. This look is just effortlessly put together.

3. Pair these loafers over a pair of tights and a dress for going out when don’t want to wear heels.

4. Be ahead of the trend and pair loafers with a wide legged printed pant for that cool girl look.


These are the loafers I have been loving, or if you want to check out a funky printed pair that I need in my closet go ahead and check out the links below:

My Loafers

Printed Loafers


“It’s all about having fun with your loafers as they legit go with any outfit.”

Check out @StylishBudgetLife for more loafer styling tips!

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