Bathing Suits for All Body Types

As a curvier girl, I am always on the lookout for figure flattering bathing suits. While all my friends are able to wear a triangle bikini top with tiny bottoms that tie on both sides, I have always been that person who struggled to find something I felt comfortable in. With more body positivity emerging in our culture, there are finally more options for a curvy girl! These suits will make you feel confident and you will be covered in all the right places.

1. This Target suit is one of my favorites; the bottoms can be worn below or above the hips and still cover up your backside.



2. This bandeau top is great for us who want to go strapless with a little extra coverage, plus the color is gorgeous.



3. Need a little extra coverage? This BIKINI TOP is the best of both worlds; a bit sexy, a little supportive, plus it is under $10! Not bad for your not-so-basic bikini!

4. Not into showing your stomach? This ONE PIECE is perfect; the stripes make you look long and lean and I, personally, love the vintage vibes.

Bonus: THESE SUITS have a little higher price tag, but they look amazing on all body types and there are so many different styles and patterns to choose from! I love the lemons.

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