Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and my dad is one of the hardest people to buy for, so here is a list of top gift ideas for the special dads in your life that they will love!

1. For the kid at heart, grab him the CAR of his dreams; miniaturized and race around the driveway and fly off home made ramps. No one can resist a little red sports car.

2. For the dad that is always on the go! I love this BAG; it’s chic but still holds everything he could need.

3. For the dad’s dad; he tells dad jokes and watches golf every Saturday. Grab a bottle of beer and have him use this MASSAGER to unwind.

4. For the food dad in your life, try this PEANUT BUTTER FLIGHT OF HIS DREAMS!

5. For the sappy dad in your life, take some time and fill out these BLANK PAGES. With one day free delivery, he will never know, but he will cherish the touching words forever. 

If you are still completely overwhelmed and have no idea what to do, grab a baseball hat or t-shirt and take him to his favorite sports tam game or his favorite movie. He will appreciate the gift and the time spent with you.

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