A few things you might not know about traveling to Amsterdam

1. The I Am Amsterdam sign is just outside the airport. For real, you can’t miss it. Grab a picture just after you arrive, and share it to let everyone know where you are.
2. Dutch French fries. Just trust me, they are the best French fries I have ever tried. Get them with tons of different dipping sauces. My person favorite is garlic sauce and ketchup. I would go back to Amsterdam just for the fries.
3. Tulips are a huge thing is Amsterdam, in the spring you can see them blooming everywhere. Don’t wait too long though, the tulips are gone by May.
4. If you want to go into a museum located in Museumplein, book ahead. Three months or more if possible, you’ll avoid the lines and get to see some of the most famous paintings in the world.
5. Watch out for bikes! Biking is so popular in Amsterdam there is usually separate bike lanes everywhere. When crossing the street make sure you check for oncoming car and bike traffic.

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