How to Add a Little Citrus to your Wardrobe

The weather is finally starting to warm up and so should your wardrobe. I, personally, love neutrals as much as the next person but sunny days need some fiery outfits. I’m not saying you need to go full on neon, but here are a few bright items to help you warm up your wardrobe.

1. These SLIDES are the perfect way to add a little color without going overboard. At less than $20, I might get two pairs.

2. The perfect TOP to pair with jeans and heels for that summer night out.

3. This is the cutest BEADED BAG I have ever seen! It comes in 4 colors, but the yellow and white ones are my favorites.

4. This SKIRT ins’t exactly bright. but this is a great way to step out of your jeans and t-shirt comfort zone.

5. This ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT can also double as a bodysuit and I love the texture.

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