The One Thing You Need to Know About European Coffee

It’s no secret I love coffee and when traveling, I love to try all the different coffee shops. I have noticed a few differences in coffee shops in Europe compared to the coffee shops in the United States.

If you order a latte, it comes with a whole lot of milk, a little coffee, and no sugar. There is sugar offered everywhere and brown sugar is often an option for when you want to add a little maple flavor. Another big fact is that there is no ice coffee in most of Europe. It’s just not a thing. You can find iced coffee in London but any other European country will look at you like you’re crazy.

But the one thing you need to know about coffee in Europe is that it is a lot less acidic, which made my stomach very happy! I could drink more coffee over there in a day with out the consequences of stomach pain and jitters. The coffee tasted lovely and made my day better without of those annoying side effects.

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