Camping Friendly Snacks Available ONLY at Trader Joe’s

My friends love camping and even though I enjoy it too, I’ve usually had enough fresh air by the end of the second day. Below are my Trader Joe’s go-to snacks while sitting outside enjoying nature.

1. Soft and Juicy Mango is one of my favorite snacks anytime but the dried fruit is perfect for the outdoors.
2. Trader Joe’s Beef Jerky, because camping means dried meat. But this one is actually delicious!
3. Trader Joe’s Reduced Fat Cheese Puffs are a new discovery and for half the calories, I’m never going back to Cheeto Puffs again.
4. Maple Leaf cookies are the perfect sweet snack that won’t melt and perfectly satisfy cravings.
5. Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage is perfect for cooking over the fire and there are so many different flavors that there is something for everyone.

Extra: Block 67 Red Cabernet Sauvignon Boxed Wine. Trust me, it’s the perfect wine to drink while sitting by the fire and there’s enough to share with everyone, or don’t.

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