Super Bloom Madness

Thinking about going to see some poppies? Here are some tips that might help you decide if visiting the popular flower field is for you!

1. Pictures of the flower fields do not do them justice.
2. You have to pay $10 to wait in line to be shuttled over to the fields, 20 minutes away.
3. It is the biggest super bloom in the last 30 years.
4. Thinking about going on a weekend? Get there early and be prepared for Disneyland sized crowds.
5. Remember no dogs are allowed on the shuttles so leave your furry best friend at home.
6. There is hiking/ lots of walking involved so come prepared, bring water and sunscreen.
7. You are required to stay on the trails so don’t get your hopes up of sitting in the middle of a poppy field.
8. You may be able to find a secret spot with poppies but make sure you are not trespassing or crushing any flowers.
9. Visiting the flowers will take at least 3 hours or more not including drive time.
10. The pictures will last a lifetime!

We were able to sneak off to a side road, and find a few hills covered in poppies, however we had to use a tree trunk as a bridge to cross a river. After the whole experience, they were gorgeous and I’m so glad I did it, but I’m not sure it would of been worth it if we had waiting in the line for the shuttle. Your best bet is to try and go on a weekday, but if that’s not possible I’d try to go for sunrise on the weekend. If you want to see some flowers but don’t want to deal with crowds, here is a LIST of flower fields in Southern California to try and visit instead. Good luck and happy super bloom!

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